Prices, Order Forms and Instructions

Special Reserve Beef

Dry aged 4 weeks

Grass Finished Lamb

Dry aged 7 days

Pastured Pork

Dry aged 7 days


grass fed, grass finished jupille ranch brand

When you order...

About Cut Size and Wrapping:

Because cattle of different weights are harvested at different times of the year, our cuts will vary somewhat in size. Cuts in stock are double wrapped, with inner plastic wrap and freezer paper outer wrap, one or two cuts per package. Ground beef is plastic wrapped in 1 pound packages, with 2 packages wrapped in freezer paper.(twin packed)

About Packaging and Shipping:

All our products are shipped in thick wall (2" thick) styrofoam lined corrugated shipping cartons packaged to keep the contents frozen during shipping. Orders will normally ship Mondays - Wednesdays, via Fed Ex 2 or 3 day home delivery. This will insure that products are received before the week-end. If you choose to pick up your order at the ranch, the individually wrapped cuts will be packed in plastic bags weighing about 32 lbs. each.

To help minimize our impact on the environment, we recycle our shipping boxes. We charge a $20/box deposit which is refunded when the box is returned via prepaid return shipping.


Beef is available year-round through CSA Shares. Full custom cutting requires a minimum purchase of 4 CSA Shares. We require a deposit of $150 per share.

Lamb is available from early December to mid March or until we run out. Advanced ordering is strongly recommended to ensure availability. We require a deposit of $65 for for halves and $125 for wholes.

Pork is available year-round through CSA Shares.We require a deposit of $75 per share.