What is Special Reserve?

Special Reserve Beef is meat cut from a carcass that has been dry aged for a minimum of 28 days.

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grass fed, grass finished jupille ranch brand

Dry aged 28 days minimum.

Our normal dry aging time is 21 days. While 21 days produces a delicious, tender product, the additional week of hanging time of the special reserve beef produces a meat which is infused with an incredible sweet, rich aroma and a tenderness beyond compare.

The rich aroma and tenderness is a result of the concentration of flavors and cellular breakdown occurring over the longer hanging period.

These wonderful attributes come at a price however.

Parts of the carcass develop a leather-like consistency which must be trimmed. This means that there is a total yield of 46%-48% finished meat from the carcass.

Once you have smelled and tasted this meat however, we think you will agree it is well worth it. Beef like this takes time to make and every bite should be savored! You will be hard pressed to find this kind of beef offered anywhere else!